A new generation seedbed and fertilizer with unique features

  • 100% green ground coverage gained 1 month earlier with BioRaiser.
  • Fertilizers do not eutrophicate water, stays in the absorbent in the ground.
  • Non-toxic, NCP tested, contains approx 25% of Nitrogen.
  • 1000 l of Bioraiser weight only about 70 kg.
  • Water savings 50 – 70% • Fertilizer savings 50 – 70%.
  • Normally fertilizers dissolve in first watering and do not stay for the plants usage. BioRaiser holds them where they are needed.
  • 20 % more harvest, depending on the planted crop.
  • So called water bank for sapling.10 liters of BioRaiser restore 9 liters of water for the sapling + nitrogen when it biodegrades.

Proven result by Finland Agricultural Research Institute.