Why settle for just a fertilizer when you can use Bioraiser and take care of your crop, land and environment at the same time


Key features

  • Truly mobility
  • Fast production
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • PLC controlled with HMI
  • High Quality
  • Remote control and management via cloud (option)


The Production unit is packed in the 20 feet container allowing the easy transportation by land, sea, and air. The purpose of the unit is to product BioRaiser® products. Unit can produce several different products, including BioRaiser® GROW and Algae Collector®.

Depending on the variant of the unit, the unit has one or two extruders. The unit can be used for continuous production or parcel production. 

BioRaiser Mobile Production Unit produces ready foam in form of blocks which are later grinded to the final product. Production capacity is about 240-300 cubic meters per day.

Production is made in cycles of 40 cubic meters per one production patch.

Techical data

Operating Voltage400 V
Main Fuses3 x 125 A
Max. Power Input86.5 kW
Average Power Input64 kW
Max. Standby Power Input26.6 kW
Min. Short Circuit Current650 A
Capacity of the Boilers1800 L
Consumption per patch1400 L
Production temperature60 °C
Dimensions (Packed) 
Width2440 mm
Height2600 mm
Length6058 mm
Dimensions (Unpacked) 
Width4880 mm
Height2600 mm
Length6058 mm
Dry Weight7 200 kg
Wet Weight12 000 kg

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