Notification about commencement of activities dated June 18, 2018 (EVT18-0050411)

Notification of entry in the customer register

Entry ID EVT18-0050412 22.08.2018


On the basis of the notification received on June 18, 2018, Oy Bio-Raiser Ltd have entered in the Control Register pursuant to the Fertiliser Product Act (539/2006) by Finnish Food Safety Authority EVIRA. Our customer ID is T-00027078 Oy Bio-Raiser Ltd.


Fertilizer Control contact information:

Tarja Alainen, supervision of manufacture and import, tel.: +358 40 187 1670
Marja Lehtolainen, sampling and inspections, tel.: +358 40 689 2525
Titta Suoniitty, market and manufacture supervision, tel.: +358 40 579 6147
Merja Torniainen, entities’ supervision and approval pursuant to the byproducts regulation, tel.: +358 50 369 3688
Olli Venelampi, Head of Section for Fertilizer Control, tel.: +358 40 842 3478


Finnish Food Safety Authority, Evira
Fertilizer Control
Mustialankatu 3
00790 Helsinki,


EviraOy Bio-Raiser Ltd (pdf)