Our algae collector product has been granted funding by Business Finland and we are beginning a pilot project at Lake Okeechobee, Miami, in the United States in coordination with the US ARMY Corps of Engineering

With over a million euros in total funding the purpose of the pilot is to validate the properties of the product and the benefits of installing a mobile production facility in full-scale operation. The pilot will investigate the known properties of the product in algae and nutrion collection in waterways and the conversion of this algae and nutrions into usable soil amendment product. When completed according to plan the project will recycle nutrions escaping from agriculture into usable product, placing the material back into the fields it came from. By removing these nutrions from waterways we improve the health and condition of said waterways and with repeated treatments we can make these waterways into poor living environments for the algaes that cause significant problems today. Our Algae Collector binds the collected nutrions for long periods of time, during which plant life can utilize them to nourish themselves and rain or watering won’t dislodge the material back into waterways. Royal Consulting Service, Inc. and Florida Equipment and Restoration, Inc. will act as our partners in the pilot area.